Tan Tong Hai

Scoring a major coup as the first Singaporean Chief Executive Officer of StarHub, Tan Tong Hai was appointed CEO in March 2013. This follows four years the info-communications giant’s Chief Operating Officer since 2009. He therefore steps into the role already armed with a deep understanding of the market dynamics and StarHub’s internal capabilities, bolstered by 20 years of regional IT experience.


What is your top priority in your new role as StarHub’s CEO?
I am truly local and proud of it. In the same way, I take immense pride in StarHub being a local company that adopts international quality business practices and delivers world-class infocomm services.


StarHub is an exciting brand and I will continue to build on the brand to deliver delightful experiences for our customers. We are the pioneer in Hubbing and have made it simple and easy for our customers to access Mobile, TV and Broadband services in an integrated and seamless manner through our Hubbing offers. We will continue to level up on our Hubbing strategy to surprise and delight our customers.


What are some of the challenges ahead in this role?
The Telcommunications and Media industry is facing challenges of matured markets and disruptive technology
that threaten traditional models. But we have to embrace the technology and find new ways to monetise data, through tiered pricing, for example.


How would you describe your business philosophy?
StarHub operates in a very competitive and fast-evolving environment where the only constant is change. To excel in this environment, we need to be agile to adapt quickly to changes, and to be calm in the face of challenges and surprises. In fact, I have a calligraphy art piece in my office that serves as a constant reminder to stay focused in the face of unexpected changes.


What legacy do you wish to leave behind at StarHub?
As I am the first Singaporean CEO of StarHub, I want to inject a strong local flavour into our content. It is key that StarHub offers a personalised touch in our product offerings and customer touch points.


It is important to me that the StarHub team is one big family, where everyone is happy, motivated and feels a sense of belonging. I am privileged to lead the strong and passionate team at StarHub. I value my team and want to nurture talents to bring out the best in my team members. And I want them to have work-life balance; to not only be happy in their work but also enjoy quality time with their families.


I also want to inculcate the culture of giving back to society, whether it is caring for the less fortunate and the environment, or creating opportunities to empower and nurture local talents. I am very glad that StarHub has focused efforts on helping the disadvantaged in our community through the StarHub Sparks Fund, and is doing its part for the environment through our Green initiatives.


What is your vision for your industry?
Telcos are constantly at the forefront of technology, but we are lagging behind in terms of customer service. I hope we can move away from competing on the technological front, to compete on offering excellent customer service as well as innovative and differentiated solutions to meet customer needs.




Tan Tong Hai
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director


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